Самая изощрённая контрабанда в мире (21 фото)

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Мужчина пытался в трусах перевезти колибри. Он соорудил для них гнёздышки. Жалко бедных животных,ведь воздухоотведение он не соорудил


Лягушки в киндер-яйце


Голубь-почтальон с «посылкой»


Гашиш в протезе


Жуки накачанные героином




3 кг кокаина в котиках


Змея в цветке


Геккон в книге 9

Сигареты в бревне



Brazil's General Superintendency of Prisons of Alagoas (SGAP) released this photo last Dec. 31 of a cat caught with contraband taped to its body at a medium-security prison in Alagoas state.

Когда нет денег на билет

In a combination of handout photographs, Maria del Mar Arjona Rivero (L), 19, is seen holding the suitcase in which she tried to smuggle her partner Juan Ramirez Tijerina out of the prison where he was serving a sentence for unspecified federal crimes, and Ramirez Tijerina (R) is seen inside the suitcase after being discovered by prison guards in Chetumal July 2, 2011. According to prison officials Ramirez Tijerina was discovered hiding inside the suitcase as Arjona Rivero left the building following a conjugal visit. Arjona Rivero was arrested for the attempt. REUTERS/Government of Quintana Roo-Secretary of State for Public Security/Handout

В Турции телят доставляют под землёй

A Palestinian smuggles a calf through a tunnel beneath the Egyptian-Gaza border in Rafah December 4, 2008. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

Редкие рыбки в штанах. Женщину выдало бульканье!

A woman on a flight from Singapore to Melbourne shows the 51 live tropical fish hidden in a specially designed apron under her skirt in this handout photograph from the Australian Customs Service on June 3, 2005. Customs officers became suspicious after hearing "flipping" noises coming from the vicinity of her waist, and an examination revealed 15 plastic water-filled bags holding concealed fish. REUTERS/Handout/Australian Customs Service

Этот молодой человек вёз 7 кг гашиша на осле. Просто так, по улице.

A smuggler holds the leash of a horse carrying alcoholic drinks during a smuggling operation to Iran at the border near Sulaimaniya, 260 km (162 miles) northeast of Baghdad March 20, 2010. REUTERS/Jamal Penjweny

Черепашки в чемодане, уложены ооочень компактно!

A Thai custom officer shows seized turtles during a news conference at Thailand's customs department in Bangkok June 2, 2011. Thai customs have found 451 turtles worth 1 million baht ($33,000) stashed in suitcases offloaded from a passenger flight from Bangladesh, the latest seizure of live creatures at Bangkok's bustling Suvarnabhumi airport. Turtles of varying sizes worth around 2,000 baht apiece in Thai markets, and seven false gavials, a type of freshwater crocodile worth 10,000 baht each, were found in small bags packed into cases after authorities received a tip off that a known trafficker was on his way to Thailand. REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang

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